Guest Profile

Kevin Goins

Kevin Goins is a motivational speaker and transformational coach who has facilitated the development of thousands of international leaders, speakers, coaches, and authors on the ability to speak and connect with their audiences and teams. From a corporate manager who once struggled with speaking in public to an entrepreneur, speaker, and coach, Kevin’s resolve to overcome inner resistance to visibility and share his message of hope has encouraged and influenced countless global leaders and decision-makers.  To achieve this, he’s partnered with several multi-million dollar organizations and brands, such as Lisa Nichols.

His talks help groups master the art of connecting vision with desired outcomes through the following:


  • Enhance audience and team connection

  • Speak with authenticity, impact and influence

  • Release the fear of visibility to show up powerfully

  • Increase revenue through speaking

  • Master the art of story-telling to promote client/employee attraction & retention


…and so much more!


Essentially, everyone wants to be seen and know that they matter. Kevin can help you do that.