Guest Profile

Laura Alden Kamm

Laura Alden Kamm is an internationally acclaimed spiritual author, expert intuitive, and lecturer. According to Oprah's OWN television host, Iyanla Vanzant, "Laura Alden Kamm's voice of transcendent wisdom and compassion will be heard. Intuitively, she shines a gentle, yet penetrating, light into the darkest recess of our soul, bringing light to our own belovedness."

Since her near-death experience and resulting blindness in 1982, she has been international consultant in the fields of medicine, business, politics, personal and spiritual development, and human consciousness. She consults with and trains teams, such as Dr. Oz's Integrative Medical Team at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and is sought out by people from over 75 countries around the world. What sets Laura apart is her exacting, specialized skill of intuition, measured at the level of an electron microscope. Laura's published works in include Intuitive Wellness, Unlocking Your Intuitive Power, and Color Intuition.

Laura has been featured in national and international magazines, Martha Stewart's Body Soul, Visjion and Medium Norway, she has been a guest on ABC, Fox News, Sirius Radio, as well as other media outlets. Assisting tens of thousands from around the world, Laura guides contemporary seekers toward a deeply personal and integrated relationship with life, spirituality, and God. A path not sternly strapped to religion.