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Linda Dickinson

At thirteen years old Lindas Grandma passed away. As her family went through the grieving process and was entertaining those who had come to provide their support Linda went to her room to stay out of the way. She didnt really understand the issue, because she felt Grandma with her. She was talking to me inside her head. They were having a wonderful conversation.

As she busied herself by playing cards she and Grandma were chatting away. As Linda played, like most, she challenged Grandma. She said, If you are really here whats the next card?

Grandma said, An Ace of spades. and Linda flipped the card. Ace of spades. She asked again and again and every time Grandma was exactly right. It freaked her out a little.

By the time Linda was sixteen, she could no longer deny my connection. She studied and researched everything she could find about psychics.

In her twenties she started doing readings for friends. From there she has built her business to a point were today she recognized as a nationally renowned psychic medium who intends to help people move forward in a positive way.