Guest Profile

Lucie Bardos

Lucie is a community worker and permaculturist. She earned her MSc in Human Ecology in 2015 and has been working in the field of sustainability ever since. She is very much interested in the concept of social sustainability and has worked with the Degrowth and Transition Towns movements to deepen her knowledge.

For the past 5 years, Lucie has been sharing her knowledge of permaculture and sustainability via workshops and by facilitating meet up groups both in Canada and in Europe. She most recently worked for the Start Fresh Project as a coordinator for a culinary and farm training course designed to empower vulnerable community members. She is also part of the Permaculture Women’s Guild (PWG) online PDC course faculty. In 2019 she taught Kelowna’s first ever Permaculture Design Certificate course in collaboration with several co-teachers.

Lucie also enjoys writing and is a regular contributor to Permaculture Women Magazine, hosted on You can follow her daily musings on Instagram @luciebardos or reach her directly for collaborations at [email protected].