Guest Profile

Marvin Camacho

My Bio:

56 year old former Hotel and Restaurant Manager, Executive Chef, and Chef/Owner of A taste of New

York Catering.

Now a Transformational Spiritual Life Coach, YouTube Influencer and Instructor at

I received my Spiritual Life Coach Certification from the Diamond Process Coach Training Program by

Veronica Krestow and Jason Frahm.

I was a Enrollment Specialist and Program Expert for Awakened Academy for 1 year.

I upload a video weekly on my YouTube channel called A few minutes with Marvin where I share

inspirational stories, messages, and my experiences. Tag line: “I inspire those who aspire to make

positive changes in their lives.”

I just started uploading courses on, my first course entitled “How to protect your energy is

available now. I will include a coupon code. More courses to follow soon on topics such as Spiritual Ego,

Psycho Tronics, Qigong, and other Energy modalities.

I’ve been travelling the USA since May 26, 2021. I took action towards things on my vision board. I

climbed Bell Rock in Sedona Arizona in my sandals. I spent 3 months tent camping in Southwest

Colorado, 3 weeks in Northern California, I climbed Mount Shasta, (14,179 ft), spent the winter doing

cold training in a cabin in the San Miguel Mountains in Colorado, I wrote a book that has yet to be

published called “Dances with Ego”.

I now reside, temporarily, in Central Texas.

I’ve been a Vegan for nearly 2 years. I lost over 30 lbs during covid. I ground in nature daily and go

hiking and camping as often as I can. I discovered a latent talent as an artist and created 2 coloring

books for children called Healing Heartoons with the intention of channeling Reiki healing to them and

donating them to Children’s hospitals, Shelters, and Homes. I am in the process of creating a Mandala

Coloring Book called “Soul-fire Mandalas”, which I intend to publish soon. I practice law of attraction

techniques. I practice Qigong daily. I practice the Wim Hof breathing technique and cold training every

day for 2 years now. I meditate 2 times per day.

I am an Instructor at Full Distance.  I teach Qigong for Beginners on Mondays at 9 am Eastern in person and virtually. for details.

My motto: “I live life present, in presence, in the present.”