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Guest Profile

Mary Huang

Mary Huang, America’s Female Empowerment Expert and author, has over a decade of experience helping women rapidly transform traumatic moments into points of power.


She is the founder of the Light Warrior School fostering emotional intelligence in children and creator of Optimal Human Development. Mary is the author of Amazon International Bestseller, The Empowered Child, Raising Conscious, Confident, Connected Kids, and author of Set Sail, another bestseller, detailing her process of turning traumas into treasures. After fleeing and healing from an abusive marriage during covid to now enjoying freedom and bliss, Mary uses her experience to help women heal hidden patterns and practice conscious parenting in order to heal current and future generations.


Mary has shared stages with Les Brown, Deepak Chopra, and David Wilcock speaking on the legacy impact of empowerment and transformation. She has been interviewed in the award winning documentary, The Weight of Success. Her expertise has been featured on award winning podcasts like The Tao of Self Confidence, Asian Women of Power, and Parent Pump Radio.