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Hi - I'm Monkey. Please click on the link above to see my story. It all started with this big hurricane in New Orleans. Oh... I'm looking for a forever home. I'm pretty cute don't ya think?
Love, Monkey

This is the story of one dog that had the odds stacked against him in New Orleans. But this one little dog has already touched so many lives. There are so many animals in so many places that need help. To see it as the big picture is overwhelming and can definitely be deflating. That's when you have to break these things down into smaller pieces...

This one was just one sad story that we COULD and did turn into a happy one. It would have been so much easier on our emotions and time to walk away from his cage and try to forget him. But a combination of love, teamwork and a little NOLA mojo has given Monkey a second chance at a happy life and hopefully added a little hope back into New Orleans and the world as well.

Click Here to find out more about Pasado's Safe Haven, animal rescue and sanctuary in Sultan, Washington.