Guest Profile

Nigel Henry

Nigel Henry is the President of Mastery Unleashed, a Business Performance Coaching and Consulting firm which provides Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Change Agents with systems and practices that allow their enterprises to flourish. His clients include Microsoft, Chevron, Charles Schwab, The SBA, The City of Oakland, The City of Irving, University California Berkeley, East Bay Community Foundation, and many more. He is known as an Author, Activational Speaker, Facilitator, Mastery Coach and Organizational Performance Consultant. As Nigels hundreds of successful clients will attest, the Mastery Performance tools that Nigel has developed are simple to understand and implement. Nigel focuses on the thinking patterns we
unconsciously bring to our efforts in life and in business - that can accelerate or limit our success. He works interactively with groups to help them to both understand and profoundly experience the
paradigm-shifting tools that can be used immediately to lead richer lives and more successful businesses.