Guest Profile

Nita Kasan

Nita Kasan is a master’s prepared Registered Nurse whose professional career has ranged from Critical Care to Flight Nursing, to serving as a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Naval Reserve Nurse Corps, to Chief Nursing Officer & Chief Operating Officer roles in multiple hospitals throughout the U.S. 


Nita is currently the Principal and Owner of two organizations that support the coaching, mentoring, and healthcare Leadership needs of hospitals nationwide.


In addition to her Healthcare business focus, Nita has a passion for helping herself and others upgrade their body, their mind, and their lives through the proven science of Biohacking and Ketones.  This passion led to another hat that Nita wears which is that of a Promoter & Brand Ambassador with a company called Prüvit and a product that is on the forefront of truly transforming just about every aspect of health.

In this role, Nita helps people accelerate their body’s ability to “burn fat for fuel” independent of diet & exercise, and during this call, she’s going to tell us exactly how she does that!!