Guest Profile

Peter Melton

Haa Haa.... In October of 1962, The Great Oneness chuckled as it cleverly disguised itself as baby boy they named Peter Melton.

This divine expression spent his early "remembering and forgetting" years in Santa Cruz County. He was very playful and funny and loved sports. Ever the storyteller, one of his early passions was being the announcer on the loud speaker at local sporting events. Later he progressed to radio and TV sports for his first career. A series of California based mini careers followed including 8 years in the student travel business, personal growth seminars, event production, a variety of sales and marketing and 5 years in Ashland, Oregon running "The Changers," the spiritual teen program for the Conversations with God Foundation.

More recently, in an effort to help us all remember that we one human family, Peter created The Oneness Sign, a new hand signal that reminds us that while we appear to be separate we are all connected, we are all one. We are connected to each other, to our planet and to the future we are co-creating. The hand signal begins with the old two finger peace signal, which originally stood for V for Victory and now represents the idea that we think we are separate. Those two fingers then come together as one and move down to the heart center, remembering that we are all one and we know that in our one human heart.