Guest Profile

Phillip Bryant

Phillip Bryant is one of the founders and President of PHIVID, a Seattle based life strategy and self-empowerment company. He is also the CEO of Influencing Options and a Sr. Strategy Consultant with The Poetry of Persuasion.

He has a love for one-on-one coaching and also in working with organizations to help put the spirit of corporation and industry back into the workplace. Special interests include archetypes and the shadow; and along with PHIVID co-founder, David Zarza, Phillip has developed his own theory about the development of a team, referred to as "Externalized Aspects."

Phillip's love of all things pop culture led to a curiosity about why the conversation in media has evolved to reflect, and at times, predict the events in our society. His current favorite shows are Real Housewives of Atlanta, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The Voice, America's Next Top Model, and Giuliana and Bill.

Phillip is currently under a talent development contract with 405 Productions, based in Los Angeles, CA. 405 Productions is a boutique television production company focused on the development and sale of original content for the domestic and international TV markets. They have been involved in delivering content to such networks as A&E, the CW, ABC, NBC, ITV, BBC, History, Nickelodeon, Disney, TLC, Food Network, DIY, HGTV, Lifetime, PBS, Discovery, and National Geographic Television.