Guest Profile

Rev. Teri Hawkins

"Teri Hawkins is a genius at bringing forth the greatness in others." Og Mandino

Teri's life story is the stuff of which novels are written. She recovered from permanent paralysis to become a world class athlete; by the age of thirty she became a millionaire from a childhood of poverty; she was honored for her philanthropy while simultaneously living a secret life as a thief; and at the age of twenty-four she witnessed her mother transform from an idiot to a genius after uttering just ten words. Teri Hawkins lives life with an enthusiasm that is contagious and a self-acceptance that frees the greatness in others.

Some of Teris degrees, titles, awards, successes include: Whos Who in International Inspirational Speakers, Certified Master Teacher, Author, Leadership and Life Coach, Money Magazine top 1000 female entrepreneurs, business columnist, USSA Salesperson of the Year, Teacher of the Year, Image consultant, Owner of Images Career and Casual Wear, Oregon's Woman of The Year, 4 time All-American, NCAA coach, Shaman of the Animal Lore, Ordained Unity minister, graduate studies in organizational psychology and development, B.S. Education/Psychology, Phi Beta Kappa.

Most of us do not think for ourselves. We become cogs duplicating the thoughts we have learned from the machine of our upbringing. Our cog training has taught us to fear being wrong, that giving is better than receiving, that the past is fact, gratitude is a politeness, forgiveness a gift to the other and creativity an aesthetic nicety. With the commitment to use our own minds, we learn self-acceptance and the need to be right fades behind the knowing that all things are transient and there is no one right for everyone. My life is dedicated to creating experiences that show us where we are being cogs, empower us to find our own mind, and to do it all in an environment of fun, support and ease. Teri Hawkins