Guest Profile

Robin Youngblood

Rev. Robin Youngblood is a bridge between ancient Native American traditions and European cultures. Her Okanagan ancestors roamed from Kamloops, in what is now British Columbia, to the Columbia River in northern Washington. She is a Sun Dancer, Long Dancer and Winter Dancer; has been traditionally trained by Native American, Aborigine, Maori, Hawaiian, and Siberian elders and shaman.

Robin facilitates ritual, ceremonies, soul retrieval, and energy healing. She sings the songs and dances to balance the Great Circle of Life. Besides being an artist and teacher, Robin is a story-teller, and published author of "Path of the White Wolf" with Sandra D'Entremont.

Robin is a member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners, and Grandmothers Circle the Earth Foundation, a council of Wisdom Keepers throughout the world, who assist elder woman to form councils to address challenges in their local areas, fulfilling the ancient prophecies that say this is the time for women to step forward to address the changes the modern world faces.
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