Guest Profile

Sean Padraic

Sean is a Psycho-Spiritual Counselor, Co-Founder of Masculine Mastery, Founder of Soul Revival Retreats, Host of Follow Your Path Podcast, and Entrepreneur.

Over the last 7 years, Sean has helped hundreds of clients in taking control of their minds and transmute their internal shadows to life changing gifts that create an authentic experience of living beyond childhood trauma/survival conditioning.

In his later twenties, he followed the call of his soul and left behind a sales career in the Broadcast industry, sold everything and moved across the country to pursue his dharma. After a series of unexpected events, he found himself broke and living out of his car barely getting by. Out of desperation, he began driving Uber across California. He started having powerful spiritual experiences with people on these rides and would counsel them on big challenges they were facing in their lives.

People started asking to hire him as a coach and before long he was full-time counseling clients. He then began hosting retreats across the country bringing people into intentional and ceremonial spaces to disconnect from the outside world and come back home to their spiritual nature.