Guest Profile

Serena Wright Taylor

Serena Wright Taylor, Associate Producer
Serena is a gifted psychic and Vedic Astrologer with clients all over the country and overseas. She has been learning and practicing spiritual techniques from a very young age. She believes that with a little understanding of what kind of cycle we are in we are more easily able to accomplish our goals, heal the past and make progress, both materially and spiritually.

Serena is also an event producer and is part of the production team of the Conscious Life Expo which takes place each February in Los Angeles. She co-ordinates the UFO and Conspiracy section of the conference. UFOs have always been a great interest to Serena and she has investigated sightings in Puerto Rico and regularly investigates the Crop Circles in her native England.

Serena and her husband Douglas Taylor will be giving a free lecture at the conference. He is a visionary artist, author and UFO contactee. There lecture is entitled Discovering your Cosmic Plan