Guest Profile

Shelly Talcott

Shelly Talcott is the owner and creator of Rubenesque Yoga. Shelly began practicing Yoga in 1995 and decided to share her love of Yoga and became a certified Yoga Instructor in 1999. Shelly has experience teaching students of all ages, shapes and sizes. The style of Hatha Yoga taught by Shelly is very gentle and relaxing. People often ask Shelly why she picked the name "Rubenesque Yoga" for her classes. Shelly was determined to teach plus size yoga classes since she herself is a plus sized person and had experienced what it felt like to attend yoga classes where she was the only one who had a rubenesque figure

Shelly loves sharing the gifts her gentle style of yoga with her students. Shellys classes are great for beginners, people who have limited range of motion, those who are stressed or think they cant attend a class because they dont feel flexible.