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Guest Profile

Stuart Alpert

Stuart Alpert, Psy. D, LCSW is a Co-Founder of Hartford Family Institute’s Center for Psychotherapy and the Healing Arts and the Co-Creator of HFI Body-Centered Psychotherapy. He has authored two books, What To Do Until Enlightenment, Healing Ourselves… Healing the Earth, and Roads Back In Time, Seeing The Invisible and Healing The Impossible.

Stuart truly cares about people and brings his caring to each therapy session. He believes in people’s ability to heal themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually. Through the years his spiritual and mindfulness practices have deepened and become a part of the psychotherapy, teaching and supervision that he does. “My strength is in my ability to experience the multi-dimensional nature of emotion and energy and understand how we organize our bodies in relation to trauma. I use this understanding in the service of my client’s healing.”