Guest Profile

Viviane Chauvet

Internationally recognized for her inspirational life journey as an advanced Arcturian biological hybrid, Viviane's teachings inspire people and star seeds to live in Universal Oneness. She is known as a universal healer, galactic ambassador, trans voice channel and Arcturus high priestess. Viviane has worked as a hybrid consultant on j3FILM award-winning second documentary "Extraordinary: The Seeding", and will be featured in their third upcoming documentary in 2021. Her new radio show "Ascending With The Arcturians" is now available on Transformation Talk Radio every 2nd & 4th Friday at 3:00 PM PT / 6PM ET.
Viviane has innate healing gifts encoded in her DNA that assist conscious sentient life forms to heal at the core soul level. In 2007, she went through a major awakening and energetic reset. Over several years, Viviane was trained by the Arcturians in the arts of holographic and quantum healing. She pursued her studies with many teachers and became certified in Crystalline Soul Healing®, Unity Field Healing®, and ThetaHealing®. Through her work in Quantum Medicine Healing Energy, Viviane has developed the Arcturian Energy Matrix Healing® technique to retrieve a natural spiritual balance. Owner of Infinite Healing from the Stars, she also serves as an emissary for the Galactic Federation and works in close partnership with the Lyrans, Sirians, Andromedans, Pleiadians, and other interstellar delegations.

Arcturians are one of the oldest, most enlightened star civilizations known to this Quadrant. Viviane and her interstellar masters are here to oversee the planetary Re-Ascension process. We provide intelligent guidance and potent support on your spiritual journey.