Introducing Cultural Brilliance™ The DNA of Organizational Excellence

Introducing Cultural Brilliance™ The DNA of Organizational Excellence

The World of Organizations and Business is reaching new heights. Introducing Cultural Brilliance™ The DNA of Organizational Excellence.
Claudette Rowley founder of Cultural Brilliance™ announces the launch of a new website and new cultural model for helping leaders and organizations increase their value as they merge, transform or scale.

Boston, M A – September 9, 2016 – Claudette Rowley , is a culture design consultant with a knack for helping executive leaders and management teams create pro -active and innovative workplace cultures that deliver outstanding results. The launch of Cultural Brilliance is accompanied by the launch of Cultural Brilliance Radio on the Transformation Talk Radio network broadcasting Worldwide across AM/FM and Digital stations.

Dr. Pat Baccili, Owner/Strategist for Transformation Talk Radio and could not say enough about Claudette and the launch of Cultural Brilliance. “Being able to witness how Claudette is brining Cultural Brilliance to life is both exciting and enlightening. Whether you watch a presentation or listen to the hit show, Cultural Brilliance Radio with Claudette, you discover that she is essentially creating a ne w narrative for organizational culture that reveals how to transform the illusive nature of culture in organizations by engaging, empowering, and enacting people towards new bounds of excellence."

Cultural Brilliance Radio can be heard live twice each mon th on,, and all of the podcasts are available for download on iTunes, Soundcloud and

Claudette Rowley puts it this way, " Culture drives so much of what we do in organizations. What better way to effect positive change than to help companies create brilliant cultures that engage and respect employees and create exceptional business results."

About Claudette Rowley:
Claudette is the creator of the Cultural Brilliance™ Methodology , author of Embrace Your Brilliance and co- host of the globally syndicated radio show, Cultural Brilliance™. She holds a Masters degree from the University of Michigan, is a certified coach through Coaches Training Institute and International Coach Feder ation and has trained in leading methodologies in organizational development, conflict resolution, mediation, the Predictable Success business life cycle model, and relationship systems.

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Contact: Claudette Rowley
Phone: 781.538.6616