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Sponsor Profile: Sherrie Clark

courage to be seen sherrie clark

Courage To Be Seen

Sherrie Clark is an experienced global engineering leader, speaker, coach, and mentor. Sherrie grew up with five brothers, loving sports, math and science, and is now the mother of two sons. As an engineer, she has been in the minority her whole career, and many times is the only female in the room. These experiences have allowed her to be comfortable as woman in male-dominated technical fields. As a young engineer, Sherrie often found herself saying “I don’t want to be a female engineer, I just want to be an engineer.” While this attitude helped her experience success in some respects, she found it also unintentionally locked away important parts of herself, both personally and professionally.

Personal Coaching
Sherrie specializes in working with women in business and entrepreneurs who want to move their lives and their careers forward. As a champion for women globally, Sherrie has successfully mentored and coached women world-wide with her dynamic and innovative ACES program.

Executive Coaching 
High impact program to rapidly advance capabilities for executives and high potential leaders to drive results in their organization and personal life. Focus areas include executive presence, self-awareness, leadership skills, decision making, and driving strategic vision to create successful business results and lead a motivated, energized

Corporate Consulting 
Build your people. Build your business. An organization that isn’t working up to its potential is in danger of failing. Sherrie can help you evaluate and refine your strategy, structure, team dynamics, and/or personal and team development to achieve business objectives.

Training held in group settings allow students to network, share experiences, and learn from each other to enhance learning new skills. Check back for schedule of offered seminars, or contact Sherrie about scheduling a custom seminar for your group or team.

Aces™ Coaching
ACES Coaching program is an online group coaching program focused on helping you to achieve your dreams by being Authentic, Confident, and Empowered to create more success in your life. Check back for schedule of next offering.

Sherrie is an award-winning executive with a passion to bring dynamic conversations to women with a hunger for action.