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The Dr. Diane Show: Revolutionary Expansion of Mind, Body, and Soul

Dr. Diane interviews Andrew Matusiak on Accelerated Resolution Therapy

What is Accelerated Resolution Therapy and how is it different from traditional talk therapy. Discover the importance of breathwork and how it can significantly reduce anxiety and stress.  

  Thursday, March 2, 2023

Host: Dr. Diane Hayden Ph.D.

Guest: Andrew Matusiak

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The Becoming You Show with Leah Roling: Inspire, Influence, & Impact Your Life

31. Happy is not the goal

Join me on todays show as I share with you why happy shouldn't be the goal.  There is something much better available for you if you are willing to embrace the fullness of your humaness.  I am so excited ... 

  Friday, August 12, 2022

Host: Leah Roling

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Live the Good Life Show with Sabrina Wright: Connecting Your Physical and Spiritual Self

Surround Yourself With Happiness with Jen Simpson of Jen Simpson Design

The power of consistent journaling helps to develop happiness and gratitude.  Meet Jen Simpson, an entrepreneur who creates a space for others to stay positive and reflect on the good all around.  Her jou... 

  Thursday, February 11, 2021

Host: Sabrina Wright LMT

Guest: Jen Simpson

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