Up or Out with Connie Pheiff: Scaling Culture Isn't Easy

  01/23/2017  02:00 pm PDT

Not all successful businesses understand their culture. Josh Levine share there is still sex in stairwells, absentee management, and outright racism—there’s been a spate of news recently about cultures going awry in Silicon Valley. While it’s the extreme cases here on the left coast that are making the headlines, errant cultures effect companies of all kind and size. It seems keeping culture from unraveling is a significant challenge every growth organization must learn to manage if its leaders intend to succeed in the long run.


Connie Pheiff

Connie Pheiff is a successful businesswoman, author, speaker, coach, and Podcast host helping women in leadership achieve excellence. She has authored over 450 articles and ...

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Josh Levine

A company is only as good as its people, and Josh Levine is on a mission to help organizations create a culture advantage from the inside out. His day job i...

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